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Image by Matthew Henry


Once generated and transmitted to the electricity grid, the power we consume is the same from every supplier.  Why not get the best deal?


Chris and Jennifer Coulter started Texas Power Agents in 2017.  Chris has 25 years of experience and has served multiple roles in the energy industry.  In 2002, when the Texas electricity market was deregulated, Chris naturally began to “shop around” and secure the best rates for their home.  Discovering the potential savings involved, Chris assumed everyone else analyzed the plans available on the market and switched often.


When the need came to manage a family member’s bills, it became obvious that those who remain loyal to their electricity provider and continue to renew, are not rewarded for that loyalty with lower rates.  In addition, those who did not choose their plan wisely were subject to large over-payments for the exact same product.  


Witnessing the amount of excessive payment across many years was enough to begin Chris's crusade to save people money on their electricity bills.  People should not pay double, or even triple, what others pay simply because they are uninformed, too busy to switch or fall victim to predatory marketing.


We formed Texas Power Agents with the goal of simplifying your life by taking over the electricity selection and enrollment processes to keep energy bills from giving you a shock.

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