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Homeowners and renters can't be an expert in everything! The electricity market is complicated. We provide the expertise needed to navigate the electricity market and make the difficult decisions about electricity contracts.

* Dependent upon each REP online account set up process.

** We can often help navigate and resolve issues with REPs, so notify us first if an error is detected.

Players in the Texas Deregulated Electricity Game:

  1. Utility - DELIVERS electricity to your home or business

  2. Retail Electricity Provider (REP) - SELLS electricity to the customer

  3. Customer - PURCHASES electricity from the REP of their choosing

  4. Texas Power Agents - ENROLLS Customer in best REP contract

If your electricity goes off:

  1. Make sure your account is paid in full

  2. Call the number for the utility listed on your electricity bill or check their online outage tracker, if available.

Still have questions? Contact Us


  • Enroll you in the selected plan

  • Communicate contract details

  • Set up Retail Electricity Provider (REP) electricity online account*

  • Act as your representative for account issues


  • Authorize TPA to make enrollments for you

  • Receive and verify all contract information from REP

  • Pay REP directly for electricity used

  • Alert us to issues with electricity account**

  • Enjoy saving money each month!


Start saving with us today!
Our service fee is $99/year OR $9/month*.


*optional add-on fee to set up your automatic payments with each Electricity Provider selected with your credit card on file

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