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Crypto Mining Farm



Electricity needs for cryptocurrency miners of all sizes are unique. Texas Power Agents is able to assist miners in securing electricity contracts. We are also positioned to assist with finding locations for mining operations.

Crypto Mining Farm


Texas Power Agents has positioned ourselves to provide unique options to our cryptocurrency customers.  We are prepared to offer custom energy solutions to miners of all sizes.

We are able to uniquely offer:

  • Competitive bidding in Texas and the Northeast via broker agreements with most REP 1 suppliers and some REP 2 suppliers

  • Financial hedges utilizing large wholesale trading companies and a private equity group

  • Predominant use studies and tax abatement by partnering with an engineering firm specializing in this practice

  • Demand response by working with a firm that assists miners in getting paid to go offline during peak pricing periods

  • Backup power generation partnerships to ensure business continuity

  • Warehousing and shipping partnership for logistics

In addition to the partnerships above, we are able to provide the following services to miners of all sizes:

  • Help operators find (or sell) land / sites with interconnect agreements to build their own facility

  • Connect operators with other operators who have capacity and will provide hosting services to other miners

  • Assists miners in procuring electricity arrangements which can include:

    • Fixed rate contracts​

    • Wholesale Index Adder contracts with ancillary charges bundled or unbundled

    • Block and Index options

    • PPAs / Off-Take deals with developers

  • Facilitate the buying and selling of inventory and equipment (mining rigs, transformers, switch gear, ant boxes, etc.)​

  • In development to obtain a natural gas off-take arrangement for mobile miners with their own generators


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