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DuroMAX Home Generator

Do you have a backup power solution at your home or business

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“For our own home, we purchased a DuroMax portable generator after the February 2021 freeze. It takes less than five minutes for us to power our home after the electricity goes out.  We have already used it four times this summer and we haven't even had a hurricane yet. We are able to  remain comfortable in our home, ensure we don’t have food spoilage, and maintain business continuity. them trust you.”

Chris and Jennifer Coulter, Texas Power Agents Owners


Why Use DuroMax?

The foundation of this company is built on quality, reliability, durability, and excellent customer service. DuroMax, is committed to Powering Everyone... Anywhere!

Recommended DuroMax Generators

DuroMax 8500 Dual Fuel

Ideal for a partial backup of your home. Runs on Propane or Gasoline

DuroMax 13000 Dual Fuel

Ideal for a full backup of your home. 

Runs on Propane or Gasoline.

DuroMax 13000 Tri Fuel

Ideal for a full backup of your home. 

Runs on Propane, Gasoline or Natural Gas

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