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If you have completed our Credit Card Authorization Form or Change of Service Form, you are all done. Thank you!

The following information only applies if you are new to Texas Power Agents:

New Customers - please keep reading below for general information and for our service fee payment options. Please choose to pay Annually or Monthly.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our registration form and hand over the hassle of shopping for an electricity provider to us.  Now it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the savings, and a bit more free time over the next year.

Your service with Texas Power Agents includes management of your electricity contracts with Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) operating within deregulated areas in Texas.  This service may involve switching providers once or more during a one year period.  Our decisions will be based upon the available plans in the market at the time, your historical usage or expected usage if a move-in, and your overall potential cost savings.  This may seem unusual if you have not switched providers often in the past, but we understand the intricacies of the energy market and we know what we are doing. This is why you chose us to help you with this necessary task!  

Please select your billing preference for our service from the options below - either annually or monthly.  Once we receive payment, we will begin working on your account right away to determine the new electricity plan that makes sense for you.  You will be responsible for setting up payment for your electricity service for each provider.  If, you would like for us to collect a credit card and manage that for you as well, please choose the Autopay Service add-on option and we will collect your payment information to keep on file.

Once enrolled in a new plan, you will receive automatically generated email communication from your new REP.  Texas Power Agents will follow with an email summary of your plan and online account details once account setup has been completed.

If you have your credit locked,  it is likely that an enrollment attempt will result in the requirement for a deposit.  Each REP runs a soft credit check during enrollment, and if unable to do so, will require a deposit.  Some providers will ask you for additional information, i.e. a picture of your driver's license or a picture of a recent electricity bill.  Please provide this information to the REP and let us know when you have completed the request.  Working through an enrollment with locked credit does require a team approach and we will need to work through the process with your help.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.  We look forward to saving you time and money and “keeping your energy bills from giving you a shock!”

If you are switching providers and have not already done so, please email us a copy of your bill to  

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