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Residents and Business Owners of Lubbock, TX

What do you need to know?

Lubbock residents have the option to choose their own retail electricity provider until February 15, 2024. If one is not chosen, the service address will be placed with one of three default retail electricity providers. Get off to a great start on your electricity choice journey and let Texas Power Agents make the plan decisions for you!

Electricity deregulation has been in Texas since 2002, but is new to Lubbock. Deregulation means you will now choose your own electricity provider and the price you pay. A competitive market typically brings lower rates and you may be able to pay less that you did to LP&L, but it also means there is a lot of learn about the electricity market to make the best choice. Our 25+ years of experience in the energy industry means we are able to navigate the volatile Texas energy market with expertise and a unique perspective.

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