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Talking parrots

Energy folks in Texas feel like a talking parrot after a couple weeks of this heatwave---"It's scorching hot, A/Cs are running around the clock, and ERCOT broke another peak load record" (lather, rinse, repeat (ka kaw)).

Kidding aside, ERCOT did break another record yesterday with over 83,000 MWs and is forecast for almost 85,000 MWs today. The record demand coupled with a low-ish wind forecast has the potential to stress the grid this afternoon. As a result, ERCOT has issued a "conservation notice" for this afternoon in preparation for an emergency situation.

Please reduce consumption this afternoon b/t 3-7 pm if possible.

***Delay charging your EV, running the laundry/dishes/pool pumps/etc until this evening

***Turn off Bitcoin miners

***Close your drapes

***And if you really want to help---pre-cool your home now so you can raise the thermostat a few degrees around 3 pm

***Couldn't hurt to pray for the wind to pick up and for the power plants to run without issues either

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